If you are Chugoku or Shikoku residents, why not drop in on your drive?

*We anticipate much crowdedness during Golden Week holidays.
Since there are only limited numbers of strawberry fruit, please understand that strawberry picking will be over as soon as red ones are all picked. (We have plenty of watermelons and melons, so please come visit the park.)

All-You-Can-Eat with No Time Restriction!

The very well-received annual strawberry picking is held from January to early June every day. It starts at 9 a.m., and it will be over as red fruit are all picked. We suggest coming at early time.

Strawberries are fresh after all, since you, customers, are able to pick them yourselves and eat them on the spot! You pick off red strawberries yourselves, dip them into milk, and throw them into your mouth! You do not have to rinse them because of hydroponics. You can take your time and enjoy, since there is no time restriction. Bring your family members and friends, too!

The period January to early June every year
  • Adult(ages 6 older)
  • January to March  1,600 yen
  • April to June    1,400 yen
  • All-you-can-eat (with no time restriction)
  • Child (2-5 years old)
  • January to March  800yen
  • April to June  700yen

    ※children ages less than 2 are free

※As soon as red fruit are all picked, we might have to end it on the way. Please understand that we might have to restrict the number of participants depending on the growing conditions or the weather.
It is better if you call us before visiting.

If you are groups, please make a reservation. (groups of 15 or more people).

About Strawberry Cultivars

"Sachinoka" with a Good Balance between Sourness and Sweetness
Sweet and Large "Benihoppe"

We mainly cultivate "Sachinoka" in Nishijima Horticultural Park. We also tried cultivate "Benihoppe".

We also ship strawberries.

We ship strawberries from December to April. How about sending our signature sweet strawberries as gifts or the year-end gifts?

Fruit Smoothies or very popular Melon Juice made from plenty of Nishijima fruit!!
*It sometimes may not be possible to ship them on the designated day because we ship after the harvest.