About Nishijima Horticultural Park

Fruit and Floral Paradise "Nishijima Horticultural Park"

You can enjoy having melons and watermelons all through the year in Nishijima Horticultural Park. How about eating watermelons and melons in the nursery where colorful flowers bloom exuberantly, the breeze blows refreshingly, and the tropical plants only in our garden luxuriate, while losing yourself in the ambience of paradise?
We guide group customers to our vaunted cultivation greenhouses. Individual customers are also welcomed to observe it. Please come and take a look.

JAlthough it is for a limited time only, we hold strawberry picking (January to early June). It is all-you-can-eat strawberry picking that you pick bright red strawberries yourselves and eat them!! It is very well-received every year. As souvenirs, we have homemade jam made from plenty of fruit picked in our park, melons in sake lees, wine… lined up waiting for you. Of course we ship our fruit to the whole country.
Please be healed and enjoy Kochi's Paradise to your heart’s content among flowers and fruit, as you take your time looking at them, eating them and buying them.

Fruit ticket

780 yen

Group discount 50 yen discount per person to groups of 15 or more people(complete with a guide to the greenhouses of watermelons and melons)

Half- Melon Ticket

1,080 yen

You can also pour brandy or coke in it.

Strawberry Picking Ticket

Adult's Fee (ages 6 older)

【January to March】1,600 yen 【April to June】1,400 yen

Child's Fee (2-5 years old)
【January to March】800 yen 【April to June】700 yen

children ages less than 2 are free

(January to early June) (all-you-can-eat with no time restriction)


Institution July 1971

Size of business the gross area about 6ha (includes the parking area)

About three times as large as Koshien Stadium Size of greenhouses・・about 4 ha out of the gross area (includes 12 ridges of cultivation greenhouses, the greenhouses for a visit, and so on)